Round Engagement Rings

One of the most well-remembered things in a woman’s life is the moment when the other half proposes, getting engaged and preparing the whole wedding. While every girl in town expects the perfect diamond engagement ring, women should keep in mind that diamond rings are quite pricey, especially for a working class individual. The traditions of humanity are unending, and one of them is choosing the best round engagement rings jewelry store and buys the one which will make her swoon.

Simplicity is Beauty

Women would always prefer that huge diamond ring, but surprise her with your uniqueness and give her something that’s non-diamond. Ruby, emerald and sapphire stones are just examples of bold and bright round engagement rings that a woman would surely love. Groom-to-be’s will find non-diamond rings much to their benefit, since it’s a lot cheaper than diamond ones. All men want the best for their ladies, but that doesn’t mean emptying the savings account either. Non-diamond rings might be cheaper, but their appearance makes up for it.round engagement ring1

Non Diamond Round Engagement Rings Designs

Non-diamond rings are considered simple kinds of engagement rings but the good thing about it is, it can easily be customized for a more affordable cost. Apart from the intricate details on the ring, the client can choose his own desired gem stone. The highly prized stones apart from diamonds are sapphire, ruby and emerald. Other variants that go great for round engagement rings are pearl, jade, amethyst, opal, garnet and aquamarine.

Women who have non-diamond engagement rings will not only enjoy its customized look, they will also find it beneficial since colored stones work well with any type of outfit. In a way, it’s not only an engagement ring; it is a good a valuable accessory as well. Its appearance look extremely expensive but the real value is affordable, which makes it a good investment.

Make the engagement ring more beautiful by assessing what type of material should be used. If on a tight budget, stainless steel round engagement rings will go great with any colored stones, as well as white gold and pure gold. Got some extra cash to spare? Go for titanium or platinum.round engagement ring2

Where to Buy Valuable Engagement Rings

There are a of lot jewelry retailers to choose from but it’s easier to shop for Cartier engagement rings.

1. Love ring – this beautifully carved engagement ring is available in pink gold and white gold. The wearer can make selections on the stones; either sapphire or others.

2. Tank ring – this ring is made entirely of white gold and topped with a geometrically cut moonstone. Perfect for the elegant and unique bride-to-be.

Neil Lane Engagement Rings are known for its classic designs and couture-inspired appearance – for the fashionable and stylish bride-to-be.

1. Gold rings – other women would think twice about wearing gold engagement rings but Neil Lane designs is worth the consideration.. Choose between cabochon turquoise and cabochon chrysoprase.

2. 18K Gold Love Ring – nothing beats a classic gold ring. Neil Lane’s classic style gold ring is engraved with the words ‘LOVE’ right on the top. The ring is simple to look at and can be worn in all occasions, engagement parties or not.