Choosing Your Non Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings have been a tradition for many years. They have been used in fairy tale weddings, romantic movies and have become quite a cliché. But why follow what everyone else is doing? There are many bold, bright and exquisite non diamond engagement rings of many types, which cost just a fraction of what diamond rings cost.

Even celebrities themselves are opting for non diamond engagement rings. For example

  • the famous Kate Middleton has a sapphire engagement ring,
  • Halle Berry has a sapphire and gold ring
  • Jessica Simpson wears a ruby ring!

Colored gems engagement rings have become increasingly popular nowadays. Gemstones used include amethyst, sapphires,  morganite, garnet and even onyx. These stones are all unique, fashionable and make one stand out from the crowd. They also add color to complement your style. However, there are several factors everyone should consider before purchasing one. Take a look at these 5 alternative engagement rings.

 Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearls are organic gemstones which are formed by living animals (oysters). The fact that they are not formed in the earths crust like most gemstones makes them unique and the most valuable gem stones in the world. Their engagement rings can be found in many shapes like drop, oval and button. The round pearls, which are the most sought after shape, are very expensive.nondiamondengagementrings
Pearl rings are breathtakingly beautiful. However, recent studies have shown that they are very soft and can be affected by dryness and steep temperature changes. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear them every day.

 Topaz Engagement Rings

The topaz gemstone is strong, beautiful and can be found in different colors ranging from blue, yellow to orange. It is a hard stone and has a rate of 8 out of 10 in the scale of mineral hardness.
However, one disadvantage is that its luster may not last for many years. This is because in the laboratory a thin layer coat is added. Wearing it everyday may result to it getting scratches and wearing out. As beautiful as it is, it should only be worn in special occasions.

 Emerald Engagement Rings

The emerald is almost as precious as the diamond. It is a durable gem and does not crack easily, although the level of hardness varies in every stone depending on their impurities. Emerald rings are usually on high demand because of their beautiful green color. They are also good in other properties compared to other gems.
However, its beauty comes with a price. To maintain their luster, they must be oiled in a vacuum chamber periodically. They should also be stream cleaned and ultra sonic treatments can be applied.

Opal Engagement Rings

Opals are also known as secondary precious gems since they are the second in the list of the most expensive jewelry. One can find them in literally any color they want and are also very durable. However, it is not good to keep them in extremely dry areas since they might crack up. Therefore, they should be maintained by keeping them moisturized, for example, with water.

 Amethyst Engagement Rings

Amethyst engagement rings are violet and have a bright shine. They come in many shapes and sizes from ovals, squares, hearts and more. They are relatively hard with a rate of 7 out of 10. However, not all of them are hard since they have different levels of impurities. If you purchase one with many impurities, it may develop cracks inside. These cracks may be hard to notice at first due to their deep violet color but they can be seen with time.

It is therefore important to purchase from a reliable jeweler who has a good reputation. These alternative engagement rings can be purchased from jewelers such as De Beers, Cartier or Neil Lane.

There are many more beautiful non diamond engagement rings that can make you forget about the diamonds. They look incredibly good, are sold at a lower cost and can make a proposal more unique. You can also add a twist with a different shape. Instead of buying nondiamondengagementrings2the ordinary round and princess cuts, you can find many other magnificent shapes. Break from the tradition by wearing stunning shapes like pear shapes, oval, marquise. It is also important to consider the lifestyle and occupation of the person wearing the ring. Buy rings with strong durable gems for a person who has an active life to avoid it wearing out.